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Zenloop NPS Feedback Management

NPS methodology customer feedback measuring platform. It is offering a variety of channels for customers to help them capitalise on their clients' feedback. It can help your business to understand the most problematic areas that need to be addressed. Tool also incorporates advanced analitycs and machine learning modules for better overview of received feedback.

influencer marketing

Advanced platform for influencer guided marketing campaigns. Using machine learning mechanisms to leverage business process scalability to the next level. Helping to manage thousands of influencers and dozens of campaigns at once in easy to comprehend and user friendly fashion.

Case study

Tele-health platform that brings the counselling into the XXI century. It utilises video conferencing and a set of tools for managing all aspects of counselling. It removes limitations of the physical spaces allowing to offer health services worldwide regardless of people location.

Case study

Yata (short for Yet another translation app) is easy to use, online localization solution. Project started as LLI internal tool, yet it was developed into full product.