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We provide expertise in all the steps of a project lifecycle across different business domains. Our experience with numerous projects allows us to successfully forge an idea into a functional product. From conceptualising, through customer interviews and workshops, to implementation and deployment.

Why we are different

Immediately Productive

Our teams are trained and proficient in tested set of tools and technologies. This allows us to step in and be efficient and productive from day 1 as we are always using the same proven process. Also teams can be extended at will with new members being productive without the need ot spending time on tech stack/tools onboarding.

Remote Work Experts

We have proven track of experience and success in implementing remote work within our teams. This allows us to have the flexibility and availability needed for high demanding customers and projects. Our process is created around transparency and high communication standards. You always have full information on what and when will be delivered.

We Care

We deeply care about your product and business. For us our work is not only 'code it - ship it' cycle. Our work approach is to fully understand both your idea and your business domain. We are committed to help you tackle not only technological but also conceptual challenges along the way. We do not sit in 'we just code' box, but we are all the way out of the box to help you have a successful journey making your product happen.

Empower Flexibility

We empower flexibility. Therefore we can adjust to your needs. That means that we can do anything from CTO as a Service with fully built tech team of experienced experts tailor made for your needs up to sending one of our specialist from various areas (development, design, UX, PM, you name it) to give you a hand overcoming some of the obstacles you are facing at the moment.

Our values

Successful product delivery to market doesn't limit itself only to a technical aspects. We believe that a successful project should intersect both technical and business domains. Therefore our core value stands for using the technology for sake of empowering the idea and multiplying impact product can have on the market.

Building stable technological foundation is crucial for ensuring flawless development process and make sure that those foundation can handle the growth of the product built upon them.

We believe in getting a user friendly and well tested product in front of your target audience as fast as possible.

Our expertise allows us to guide you through process of measuring, analysing and understanding of your online customers behaviour and to help you reach the conclusion leading to most accurate reaction.

Development doesn’t stop when the product is built - we make sure it works and grows with the rest of your business.

Our technologies


Elixir is a dynamic functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. It can be applied in different domains varying from web development to embedded software. It's a robust technology that has proven track of record in building scalable, fault-tolerant, low latency systems that can successfully cope with high workload. Ideal for developing SaaS systems with very high number of concurrent users.


Model View Controller (MVC) framework, ideal for fast paced prototyping and creating MVP products. Empowers patterns and paradigms that greatly enhance pace at which development work can be done. This rapid application development approach helps to focus on delivering results without being distracted by need to overcome problems of the tools used to make the result happen.


Javascript library used for building user interfaces for both web and mobile apps. It was created to be fast, scalable and simple. Those three core paradigms make an effective tool for delivering results in fast and efficient manner.

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