Why we are different

Immediately Productive

Our teams are trained and proficient in a tested set of tools and technologies. This allows us to step in and be both efficient and productive from day one, as we’re always using the same proven processes to deliver valuable results. We make it possible for teams to be expanded with new members at will, being productive without the need to spend time choosing a tech stack and onboarding tools.

Remote Work Experts

We have a proven track of experience and success in implementing remote work within our teams. This allows us to have the flexibility and availability needed for our valued clients and large-scale projects. Our process is centered around transparency and clear communication standards. Our team consistently provides thorough information on our work as well as details on what, when, and how the output will be delivered.

We Care

We deeply care about your product and business. For us, our work is much more than a “code it and ship it” cycle. Instead, our approach is to understand both your idea and your business domain to the fullest extent. We’re committed to help you tackle not only technological but also conceptual challenges along the way. Put simply, we go above and beyond to ensure a successful journey in making your product a reality.

Made to Measure

We specialise in providing tailor-made solutions for our customers. That means that we’re capable of providing a range of skills and services that are designed to adapt to your team’s needs. Whether you’re in need of “CTO as a service” with a fully-built team of experienced experts or a specialist from various areas — development, design, UX, product management — our team can make it happen.

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Our values

Every day we are guided by core values and basic beliefs that constantly motivate us and help us in our actions and development of our company. As an effect, we reach common goals as a team, enjoying successes and achievements together.


We are associated with our team and we work towards the goals, mission and vision of our company. We seek to be a valued and trustworthy partner of our customers. Our commitment is to always do the right thing and do it well.



We are authentic, honest and respectful company. Our aim is to support and build healthy relationships based on trust, direct communication and common goals both with colleagues and customers.



We are accountable for the results of our actions. We are a team of individually working specialists. We trust ourselves because we are equally responsible for the success of the company. Even a downfall is a lesson where we gain experience.



Curiosity helps us to constantly improve and learn new things. We look for other solutions to broaden our horizons and keep up with ever-changing trends. We provide a flexible and practical approach to customer requirements. We are proactive, develop ourselves and our minds are always open.



We constantly take initiatives to achieve a goal or solve a problem. We seek out new ways to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.



The foundation of our teamwork are trust, open communication and honesty. They define the way we work and build strong relationships with our colleagues and customers. We achieve goals together – that is the key to our success!

People working for LLInformatics come from different backgrounds, the majority of them being software engineers. This diversity allows us to understand the importance of personal accountability, work efficiency and precise communication, but also appreciate things like creativity, curiosity and kindness. Being respectful to these values is part of our company culture and contributes to better teamwork.

When working together with the client we try to put emphasis on several of our values - understanding, efficient and transparent communication, ownership and innovation. This is because our experience on multiple projects and proven track record taught us that those are core to success.

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