Welcome to the team!

Let’s build something amazing together.

From the moment we started LLI, in 2016, we have been a remote-first company. However, geographical distance has never stopped us from collaborating and growing together!

That’s why we are committed to giving all new employees the best possible onboarding experience, regardless of where they work from.

Apart from the ongoing contact you will have with your colleagues – online or at the office – we also wanted you to have some goodies to make you feel as a part of the team every day.

We hope your time with us will be filled with exciting projects, new knowledge, and calm productivity.

See you around!

LLInformatics cofounder - Łukasz Łażewski

Łukasz Łażewski

Cofounder & CEO

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LLInformatics cofounder - Mariusz Pikuła

Mariusz Pikuła

Cofounder & CTO

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Our values

At LLI, values are not just an afterthought. We take them seriously and strive to apply them on our daily work.

You will learn about them in detail during your onboarding, but it doesn't hurt to get acquainted with them right away :)

More to come soon!