Next-gen software for verifying clinical documentation and submissions

Developing new cloud-based software to replace off-the-shelf tooling and maximize competitiveness
Large US-based organization in the clinical trials space
2021 – present

Leveraging the newest technology

Our client relied on off-the-shelf software for reviewing clinical trials submissions compliance.

However, acknowledging the evolving needs of their customers and the need for complete control and flexibility over the tool's functionalities, they decided to develop a custom solution to address their business requirements. This positions the client for better interoperability of their entire software stack and compatibility of different business processes and units.

It also helps with the transition from on-premise to pure cloud-oriented solutions across the entire organization.

Overview of the transition
Growth of LLI's squad fully dedicated to this client

Strategic partnership that withstood the test of time

As development progressed, the organization identified the need to increase delivery capacity in order to meet the project's ambitious roadmap.

After a recommendation from one of our previous clients, the organization chose LLInformatics to support them under a staff augmentation model, whereby our specialists are seamlessly onboarded into the client organization, adding a boost of expertise while following the company's processes and culture.

Our involvement started with a modest but high-performing team, leading the client to continuously extend the scope of engagement. Since then, our collaboration has spanned over 3 years, and in that time, the LLI team dedicated to their projects has grown significantly.

Tomorrow's trials, today's tech

This collaboration has helped the organization increase its operational efficiency, furthering its position as one of the leaders in the industry.

Being able to draw from a vetted selection of highly skilled software engineers meant that the client was able to fortify its teams as needed swiftly. This approach not only saved valuable time but also mitigated the risks associated with conventional hiring processes. Our low churn rate underscores the stability and reliability of the augmented team, ensuring uninterrupted forward momentum.

In addition to providing talent, we also shared our software development best practices, drawing from our many years leading high-performing tech teams.

This collaborative approach allowed the client to gain access to specialized expertise precisely when needed, smoothly increasing productivity and achieving project success while minimizing overhead costs and administrative burdens.

The Staff Augmentation model results in lower and more predictable costs, total flexibility and control over team composition, and less time dealing with administrative busywork.
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