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Improve and accelerate your development lifecycle using state-of-the-art cloud technology
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From take-off to cruise speed to proactive maintenance – we’ve got you covered.

Migrate your current stack to the cloud

We understand that migrating infrastructure can be daunting, but we know the ins and outs of this journey. Think of us as the experienced pilot that will take your databases and processes off the ground and into clear blue skies.

Automate CI/CD pipelines

After taking off, you want to avoid turbulence, stay on course, and keep a fast cruise speed. We automate building, testing, and deployment of your applications, increasing productivity and accelerating release cycles.

Enjoy complete maintenance

Every once in a while, even the most advanced machines need some gears oiled and parts replaced. We know how to continuously identify and correct minor issues before they become major problems.

World-class engineering will take you there

AWS’ extensive catalog of resources were crafted to work seamlessly together and take your operations to the next level.

Unleash innovation

Achieve faster and more secure growth, easily scale your infrastructure, and enjoy access to AWS’ rich ecosystem – including new technologies such as AI – to create more capabilities and opportunities.

Modernize your applications

In order to delight digital users, you need to continuously iterate and evolve your offerings. We help you maintain a fast pace of development without sacrificing quality, security, reliability and scalability.

Maximize performance

By migrating you to AWS, we equip you with the flexibility and scalability that powers faster responsiveness to customer needs, and supports easier building, testing, and deployment of new apps.

Unlock your data

Your data is your most valuable asset – it should work for you, not the other way around! We help you spend less time managing databases, so you can focus your time and resources on delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

Our crew is at your disposal

We are a software development company dedicated to building products that have a positive impact on the world. Our fully-remote engineers are experts in DevOps using AWS infrastructure.

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IT team augmentation is one of LLI's service offerings

“LLInformatics has helped us design, create, build, and deploy the SaaS platform that we now run with several global companies as B2B users. They’ve worked on cloud solutions that are deployed on Heroku and AWS. We’re happy with the velocity and the milestones they achieve in a certain amount of time. Their professionalism and dedication are outstanding.”

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