The Client

Exit Reality VR provides infrastructure for running virtual reality events at client's locations. It allows people to experience virtual reality through different games and applications.This technology is used for family entertainment centers, arcades or as one of the attractions for events like movie premiers or shopping mall openings.

The Challenge

In order to support the main Exit Reality activity appropriate software solution was needed. Our work started with research and understanding of business model, day to day operations, main pain points and bottlenecks of our customer's activities. As a result of detailed analysis we proposed creation of a queueing and management system with some additional modules aimed at aiding Exit Reality personnel in their day to day activities when conducting on site virtual reality events. Main goal for this software was to streamline and simplify the process of managing queues of people interested in virtual reality experience . This was achieved by creating a sign up and ticketing system for event participants that automatically manages queues for multiple cabins, locations and events simultaneously. Additional modules included hi-level event management and online shop components. Online Shop provides the opportunity to buy all hardware necessary to create virtual reality experience in your own room. Event management modules provide a better overview of all events both past, present and ones that have been scheduled.


Events management module allows to manage multiple events happening at the same time. Within every single event there can be multiple cabins and each one could provide a different virtual reality experience. With events interface on site personnel can manage each of the cabins for the event, track queues in real time and triage them. This simplifies the whole event management process.


Apart from the events management module that formulates the core of the project we've also created an online shop. This was done to create an opportunity for virtual reality experience participants to be able to purchase hardware needed to recreate experience in their homes by using some of the hardware Exit Reality is using while hosting the events.

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