Yata Case Study

Front End | Back End | API | UI & UX Design | Internationalization & Localization

The Product

Yata (short for Yet another translation app) is easy to use, online localization solution. Project started as LLI internal tool, yet it was developed into full product.

The Challenge

Managing translations can be a significant time effort in software production process. To make this easy and effective LLI developed tool that makes managing translations easy and effective, even across multiple projects or organizations. This allows team to focus on creating great code.


Dashboard design allows users to evaluate project status with the glance of an eye, thanks to progress bar. For each project information about number of translations, their status, locale used and last time the project was updated are visible.

Translation List

Translations with different status are marked by easy to notice and understand symbols. Search bar and multiple sorting options make navigation simple. In addition, each key stores information who worked on it last and when.


Yata provides project integration through API, which allows to make translation updates and deployments significantly quicker.


You can look into past with Yata. Check history of translations and revert changes.