The Client

Mass Mobilize is a socially aware organization that aims to utilize cutting edge technology to embody the idea of making the voter’s voice heard. Our common goal is to provide tools to the single individual that would allow them to voice their concerns and views on topics crucial to them on every level from local to country wide.

The Challenge

Main challenge for this type of project was to provide powerful platform with easy to use UX. Clean simple and transparent UX was crucial for the efficiency of the solution. Also having an intelligent algorithm to schedule calls in a way that would utilize the full potential of the combined voice of many individuals showing their support for particular case. We managed to achieve those goals by creating a mobile app with easy to use user interface and powerful scheduling engine that works behind the scenes to ensure full efficiency and maximum focus for each campaign scheduled by NGO’s using the platform.

NGO's Portal

Part of the system used by NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) to launch campaigns with different goals in mind (supporting ideas, voicing protest, raising funds to support particular cause). This system is also a ‘command center’ for NGO. It allows to prepare campaigns, invite participants and manage the whole process. After the campaign is launched scheduling engine schedules calls to the numbers given during the campaign creation process. It’s also possible for participants to support campaigns with money donations.

Mobile Application

Mobile Client is used by participants of each campaign. It helps them manage their participation in cause they are supporting and make calls according to schedule created by the scheduling system. It also gathers feedback after each call that is aggregated and used for data analysis purposes.

Call Scheduler

Call Scheduler forms the backbone of the whole system. Our goal was to create scheduling engine that would allow to increase efficiency and impact of each call. It’s done with preferences of participants in mind so it does not violate their daily schedules. It’s created to make sure constant pressure is put on by providing constant stream of scheduled calls happening to the numbers entered during the campaign creation process. This makes voice of the participants heard and increases the effect and strength of those voices combining them into sequence of scheduled calls happening one after the other.

Check Campaigns Status

'Ticker', part of the system that counts time, checks the status of all the campaigns in the database. At the correct time all the campaigns with ongoing status will be send to Call Scheduler.

Send Ongoing Campaigns to Call Scheduler

All ongoing campaigns, this means the ones that were published and Mass Mobilize users joined them to support campaigns goals, are sent to Call Scheduler.

Check Available Phone Numbers

Call Scheduler is central element of scheduling system. It checks phone numbers to call availability at the selected time with campaigns participants availability and their application settings. In first step Call Scheduler checks all the numbers from ongoing campaigns for their availability versus their locations, timezones and previously assigned calls.

Check Available Callers

In the next step Call Scheduler checks all available phone numbers versus participants campaigns, application settings, ZIP codes and other call restrictions.

Match Callers with Phone Numbers

Call Scheduler assigns proper numbers to available participants. Mass Mobilize users can participate in multiple campaigns, be in different locations and have unique call preference settings. All this is taken into account when phone number is matched. Call are created in the system which will be send to users mobile phones as push notifications.

Send Call Notifications

Calls are made by participants and process repeats after set time.

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